Bubble Hockey is Back!

Bubble Hockey League is Back!

By Boris, SFBHL Commissioner and Aspiring Sports Writer 8/25/15


The last season the B.H.L had was two years ago. The winners, Adobt-a-Highway were crowned champions and cemented their place in B.H.L history. Commissioner Boris joyfully handed over the coveted Emperor Boris Cup to deserving players, Bmurph and Jordan. It was truly one of the most exciting seasons that the young league has ever had.

But then what happened? What happened to the league?

Reports say that Boris went back to the motherland (Russia) to go on an apparent vision quest to figure out how to make the league even better.

Reporters caught up with Boris at the airport to ask him about his upcoming trip and his response summed up the beauty in his simplicity:

I go on quest now.Boris

After two years of absence, Boris is back.

He was reportedly seen over at the new bar on mission street, Cease & Desist. Sources say that the new bar will host the upcoming third season as Boris was seen giving bear hugs to the employees that work there.

The New Season starts on 9/16/2015 at 7:00 PM at Cease & Desist.

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  1. Boris is a real beast. I saw him drink 15 vodka sodas and beat up 12 guys once.

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