Week 1: Recap

Week 1: Recap

By Boris, SFBHL Commissioner and Aspiring Sports Writer 9/18/15



The BHL opened it’s 3rd season with a prime-time matchup between the heavily favored season 1 champions, The Slapdicks; and BHL veterans, The Brewings. The unprecedented match ended with an upset as The Brewings won two out of the three games in their match.


The Puck Buddies in their game two shutout loss.

The second match was between two new franchises that came out of the expansion era of the league, Victorious Secret and The Puck Buddies. As the name suggests, Victorious Secret was victorious as they took two out of the three games in a matchup that was very defense-oriented. The matchup was so low scoring that the Puck buddies were shut out in the second game and lost by two goals.


The next matchup was between the  4th Line Grindrs and the heavily touted rookie team, Pucky Brewster. The new team certainly lived up to the hype as Dana, the lead scorer and coveted prospect, crushed the opposition in an unreal come-from-behind performance in where she scored 5 individual goals. Pucky Brewster carved through 4th Line’s swiss cheese defense to take the matchup 2 games to 1.

The fourth match was between hyped up new-comer, Average Joes, and imported team from the LBH (League of Bubble Hockey), Aces. The Average Joes got off to a shaky start as they only scored 1 goal against Aces’s 4.

John (Left) and Paul (Right) of the Average Joes.

John (Left) and Paul (Right) of the Average Joes.

The heavily touted prospect in Germany, Paul R, raised a lot of doubts in game 1 as he was left with 0 goals to his name.

Game 2 was a different story as Paul scored 4 individual goals to to take a close game 2.


The Average Joes will be facing an uphill climb as spectators wait and see if this team will come to form throughout the season.


Finally the last match was between the defending champions, Adopt a Highway and LBH imported team, DeRangers. Leading scorer, BMurph, was quick to silence the doubters as he scored 5 individual goals in a game 1 victory that lead to this season’s first sweep as Adopt a Highway took DeRangers 3 games to 0.


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