The Emperor Boris Cup

Also known as the “Bubble Cup,” the Emperor Boris Cup is the longest standing tradition in the BHL. It is the highest honor in the BHL to have your team’s name permanently etched into the rings of the cup. Having traveled all the way from Emperor Boris’s hometown of Tolgiatti, Russia, the cup has seen many champions. In 2014, the cup was re-commissioned by the BHL and taken into the Bubble Cup Trust. The Bubble Cup Trust appointed, Cup Keeper, Sally Pinata (former Tonsil Hockey player) to transport the cup from location-to-location and champion-to-champion. Legendary tales and folklore surrounding the Emperor Boris Cup have surfaced. Some say that this cup once made popcorn. Other have said that it doesn’t make a good cup for consuming beer. Photographers have even snapped pictures of the cup staying out until 3AM after being earned in a championship. None of these rumors have been confirmed by either the BHL or Bubble Cup Trust.



When you’re not scoring goals, you’re pumping up the Boo Factor. There’s a team every season that has the most prolific ability to divert their attention from the Bubble and find the little red Boo/Eject button. When used correctly, the crowd erupts into a glorious and bellowing Boo. When your team has the most Boo Factor over the course of a season, you win a set of BooBooZelas. These are limited edition noise makers that only can be sounded by the Best Boo’ers.


Regular Season Champs

The team with the most points are crowned the Regular Season Champs. Their name is emblazoned on the ever so sweet, hockey puck trophy.


Top Goal Scorer

Every goal counts. Who ever scores the most goals over the course of a season, wins the top goal scorer award. These are the kings and queens of offense. They’ve perfected the subtle touch and meticulous timing to find the back of the net, time and time again.

Defensive Team Award

Chuck Boris Shield Award

We celebrate the unsung heroes. The Chuck Boris Shield Award is presented to the top defensive team in the BHL. When you’re not in the spotlight scoring goals, you’re making epic saves, aggressive defensive deflections and stops. These are the players and teams that stopped more goals and allowed the fewest number of pucks in the net.