Learn More about the League

What is Bubble Hockey? 

Bubble Hockey is a table top arcade game where players control a team of hockey players on the ice using rods. When rotating the rods, the hockey players will spin their hockey sticks to move the puck towards the goal. There are three timed periods and the numbers of shots on goal and goals are automatically tracked for you.

What is the BHL?

The BHL is the Bubble Hockey League. A competitive (and sometimes not so competitive) group of passionate Bubble Hockey Players that compete against one another while maintaining stats and bragging rights.

Players – each team has three players and the matches are played in doubles format with two players on each side of the bubble hockey table. Players are each given an nickname or alter-ego that they use to keep their stats over the course of a season. Bonus points are awarded for the most creative names.

Statistics – after each game, the teams will use an official BHL match scoring card to capture the matches’ statistics. Stats include, player goals, Win/Loss and Boo! Factor. Over the course of a season, the statistics will be tabulated and the players will be ranked based on these statistics. Teams will be ranked based on points. 3 points for a regulation win, 2 points for an overtime win and 1 point for an overtime loss. The points and win/loss records will then determine the seeding for the Bubble Cup.

Bubble Cup – All of the teams are competing for the Bubble Cup which is the NHL equivalent of the Stanley Cup. Based on your seed in the regular season, the Bubble Cup standings will be determined. The Bubble Cup is played in a standard playoff format where the initial rounds are best of three and the final round is best of five to determine the team champions. Beer or another beverage will be filled in the BC and the winning team will chug from said cup. The winning team will also have their names engraved on the cup.