Gameplay and Rules


1.0 Games

Each game consists of three periods. Games are initiated by pressing the Eject / Boo button. A game is completed when the puck is returned to the net and the score is not a tie. In honor of our country, all players must listen to the National Anthem before they can grab their respective rods. When the announcer says the word, “Brave” players may grab their rods. Teams only need to listen to the National Anthem during the first game of their match. Subsequent games can be started immediately by pressing the “Eject / Boo” button.

1.1 Players

Each team consists of two players and one alternate. During games, players can not control more than three bubble players (including goalie).

1.1A Scorekeeper

Each game/match will have a scorekeeper who will keep track of points, goals, boo factor and enforce all rules. Scorekeepers will keep track of games via the Official BHL Scorecard.

1.1B Bubble Hockey Machine

All games and matches will be played on a BHL Certified Bubble Hockey machine.

1.1C Puck

All BHL matches and games will contain a black puck that is ejected from center ice to initiate gameplay.

1.2 Points / Standings

Points are allocated to games after they’re concluded. These points determine league standings.

1 pt – overtime loss
2 pts – overtime victory
3 pts – regulation victory

1.3 Statistics

Individual Players: Games Played and Goals

Teams: Win / Loss Record, Points (1, 2, 3) and Boo Factor, Goals For/Against

1.4 Scoring

Goals – All goals count towards team totals. Only goals that contacted the scoring team players within two touches of entering the goal count towards the player statistics. For example, own goals do not count towards the scoring teams individual statistics. If a scoring team shoots a goal and it only ricochets off one off the opposing team’s players, it does count towards individual stats.

1.5 Matches

Each match will consist of three games. A season will consist of 5 matches. Teams will play a total of 15 games.

1.6 Makeup Matches

The league contains an even number of teams so each each team needs to be present for matches to be conducted on league nights. If a team knows that they won’t be able to make their scheduled match, a make up match will need to be scheduled. All makeup matches must be played before the season is concluded. If a team is not able to schedule a makeup, a substitute team will be used for the present team to play.

1.7 Home vs Away

Each team will have a designated home or away in the schedule. The teams will need to play from the respective side for their designated matches.



Tilting: No player shall lift or move the Bubble Hockey machine vertically or horizontally during gameplay.

Stalling: Players must not knowingly hold the puck to stall the clock. If behavior is detected, scorekeeper will announce a 5-second countdown. If a 5-second countdown infraction is incurred, a one goal penalty will be enforced on the infraction team.

Shots: Legal shots can be played from anywhere on the Bubble Hockey player’s body, including skates and stick.

Past Goal: If a puck has entered the plane of the net, the goalie, in said goal, must move the goalie in a timely manner so as to not incur a stalling infraction.

Eject Blocking: No player may intentionally block the ejection slot. Three infractions, as determined by scorekeeper, result in a 1 goal penalty.

Stuck Puck: If a puck is rendered stuck or unreachable, the scorekeeper will direct the nearest team to tilt the Bubble Hockey machine. If the puck is moved to the farther team from the original stuck position, the puck must be returned to original team.

Version 1.100.8 BHL Certified Gameplay and Rules – Date 02/7/2014